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Convert your name or your favorite word into Kanji! Why not use it for T-shirts, stamps, stickers or tattoos?

Customer Experience

I’m very satisfied with how my English name turned out into Kanji.


Translated Kanji name and meaning

久 - Long time 霊 - Spirit 巣 - Home


I’m Grace. I want to express my deepest gratitude regarding your service. I received mine in just 2 days! I’m very satisfied with how my English name turned out into Kanji. The meanings of my Japanese name really exemplified the true value of my life, which is my family.
As you can see, this is how my name’s translated. The definitions actually are very closely related to my story. It has been a long time since I last saw my family, my home after graduating from college and getting maried last 2010. And my middle name when I was still single was Espiritu which means Spirit.
Thanks a bunch for getting my name done right! Your site is highly recommended! Keep it up!



This is more than what I was expecting.


Translated Kanji and meaning



Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my request and make such interesting suggestions. It makes me happy to think of my tattoo as a process in which nice people are involved, and I have to say that this e-mail is more than what I was expecting from the translation. I’m impressed with your service, and I’ll recommend it to my tattoo artist, so he can tell other people to contact you.
I love your suggestion, I’m going to go with 鼓動. Thank you very much for everything!



I got mine and it was fantastic!

Meljun B


I got mine and it was fantastic! The design itself is great even though it’s a simple Japanese character, it looks artistic.
The service is also customer-friendly. would love to do more business with you.

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Seigakudou(静岳堂), a working calligrapher and native Japanese, will write your name in Kanji. Rather than a computer font, your kanji name will be hand-brushed by a professional calligrapher.


Akira Katakami(片上明)

The translation from English to Japanese will be undertaken by a professional native Japanese translator with a kanji proficiency qualification, you can be sure of an error free standard. Also, an explanation of your kanji name will be provided in English.