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Convert your name or your favorite word into Kanji! Why not use it for T-shirts, stamps, stickers or tattoos?


Caligraphy price

Even though it’s a made-to-order product, from the hands of a professional, you can have it for the low price from $49. This product is definitely not an automated response or font from a computer. Both the translation of your name(or your favorite word) in kanji and the brush work which commits the characters to paper will be undertaken by careful professionals at each stage for each order.

This is the way how to order.

First, please fill order form.

Wait for one working day until we translate(Sunday is off), and then you will get your Kanji by Email with meaning of the Kanji.

Check it and if you are satisfied that translated Kanji, we write down the Kanji as calligraphy. If you aren’t happy with the kanji presented by us, then we’ll re-present your name with different kanji.

(After your permit) Calligrapher write down the Kanji, and then we will send the image of the product by Email.

You will receive a image file which you have to check. Then finally, if everything complete you will have your Kanji item.

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Seigakudou(静岳堂), a working calligrapher and native Japanese, will write your name in Kanji. Rather than a computer font, your kanji name will be hand-brushed by a professional calligrapher.


Akira Katakami(片上明)

The translation from English to Japanese will be undertaken by a professional native Japanese translator with a kanji proficiency qualification, you can be sure of an error free standard. Also, an explanation of your kanji name will be provided in English.