all kanji (Reisho-tai)


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all kanji (Reisho-tai)

Reisho-tai with general beauty of Kanji function

This is the explanation of Reisho-tai that is one of the style of handwriting in Kanji. Reisho-tai was created in Qin period to find the way to write characters faster than the Tensho-tai could write. This style has been used as a Chinese unified handwriting style at that time. Because the Reisho-tai removed the difficult curving lines and figures appeared in the ancient characters, and simplified them by using lines and dots, it gives a profound feeling of the long history of the characters as well as their functional beauties. Most of the characters written by Reisho-tai are well balanced in the shapes and show the left-right symmetry with more spaces between two lines. Furthermore, the fluid strokes stretch as long as possible, and strokes stretching aside often show wavy lines. Reisho-tai seems to have some features in its writing style. 1. Reisho-tai is more decorative and has less freedom than Gyosho-tai or Sousho-tai but it has functional beauties. 2. Reisho-tai is commonly used for commercial trade names or firm names. The reason is that it gives you the same impression by either stretchting or reducing the character sizes to the side or vertical way. It is interesting to say that it is easy to read the characters for either patterns. From this point of view, it would be said that Reisho-ta has a splendid features of the balancing and functioning beauty. The beauty of the characters created by Reisho-tai exhibits the beauty itself and therefore, it is worth using the Reisho-tai with the variety of the functions in the modern society now.

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Akira Katakami(片上明)

The translation from English to Japanese will be undertaken by a professional native Japanese translator with a kanji proficiency qualification, you can be sure of an error free standard. Also, an explanation of your kanji name will be provided in English.